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ADVISOR Enterprise is a web decision support tool.  It simplifies and speeds training needs analysis, forecasts and optimizes training resources, improves resource allocation and generates audit trail to support recommendations.  Moreover, ADVISOR stores all data in a centralized database, can be installed locally or used off BNH server, consists of the following 5 modules that can be used separately or in combination to meet various needs and customized in line with requirements:

Module #1: Training Analysis: To find out "who needs to be trained, on what and why". 

Module #2: Training Design: To find out what is the most effective and efficient training option.

Module #3: Fidelity Analysis: To find out what are the fidelity requirements for trainer/simulator.

Module #4: Resource Management: To find out how much money and resources are needed. 

Module #5: Project Management: To keep projects on-time and within budget. 

Module #6: Performance Analysis: To find out whether training is driving performance and other interventions needed

ADVISOR provides the facts to support your decision making process, helping you create consensus, stay on course and improve training effectiveness and efficiency.  

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